Friday, March 11, 2011

As soon as the Boxer Day Tsunami hit we had to do something.

 Founder Nelson Jacobsen reached out to his connections of Clinton Alumni the day the Tsunami and found a willing partner in Alison Chadwick and together with leaders from the music industry like Steffen Franz of Independent Music Coop embarked on a very intense campaign to get bands across the nation working together to help in small yet meaningful way including a series so benefit concerts in San Fransisco and Washington, DC.

The one main thing that we learned from that whole experience is something that emergency professional are all fond of saying.  Don't trade business cards at the sense of the disaster and that citizens where going to help one way or another and this was before SocialmediaCitizens.

This is the reason that we finally launched the Help Earth Foundation.

When the next Earthquake, Tornado or TsunamibandAid, is needed we already have many of the working relationship in the nonprofit and emergency response world because of Help Earths long time participation and support in this area.

So, The only piece left was developing a network of artists, bands and labels that are ready to setup and support the public good.  We are about to announce the formation for that network and it will be active come May of this year.

We started this right after the Boxer Day Tsunami in Indonesia

Tsunami Band Aide (TBAE) is the efforts of several movers and shakers from the entertainment and political community.  The basic idea revolves around the notion  that entertainers have a unique ability to communicate to massive amounts of people and with charities, causes and events are crying-out for them to aide. We will join them together.

TBAE will allow all of these groups to connect online and to a  network of individuals that have  come together behind TBAE. Because we have build out a model to handle this complex dance we believe it will engage all the groups best efforts.

By starting as grassroots efforts and then channeling to these  events recognizable political and entertainment figures as well as media coverage locally and national  each event will be just that-- An event. We know people want to help and the way to do so will be this model.  .
Proceeds for these efforts will be going to a select group of local, national and international charities as well as non government agencies that are helping on the gound to provided relief and redevelopment in Asia.  The funding will be earmarked to project that are related to Asian Tsunami relief and redevelopment.
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 We want to thank the bands Karney,Groovy Judy, and Garrin Benfield; Plus Billy and Steffen for the 1st Show.We also want to ask bands to consider performing a show sometime this year to keep the awareness and funds flowing.

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